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Saint Matthew's Churches is a very old church ministry that was first established in 1951, more than a half of a century ago. Saint Matthew's Churches is one of the oldest ministries in the United States, established by fifteen born again, saved, redeemed, Christian families, often referred to as the first fifteen founding mothers and fathers of Saint Matthews’s Churches ministries. And, in more than one half of a century, St Matthew's Churches ministry has planted churches, by faith, and for years has conducted mighty church revivals nationwide where thousands accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, as you will see on this website of Saint Matthew’s Churches.

Saint Matthew’s Churches has believing members in all fifty states, who are born again, saved, sanctified, redeemed Christians who are ready for Christ’s second coming. In some states we only have a few hundred members, whereas in other states there are thousands of loyal members. We welcome people of all faiths, races and income levels. Some of the church members of St Matthew’s Churches organization have been with  Saint Matthews from five up to fifty years, as they continue in their worship of a living, loving, prayer answering Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We invite you and your family to worship a living Christ with us, in our churches and through Saint Matthews home missionary ministry by mail (St. Mark 13:10).

For many decades, Saint Matthew’s Churches conducted church revival services in almost every state and most major cities across America. Saint Matthew's Churches was first born in the early 1950’s, and at that time the congregations were small and would consist of less than 100 members. However, in a course of fifty years, when  St Matthew's had citywide church revivals, members attended by the thousands. Some of our church revivals would have a few thousand members in attendance with three church services each day, as word spread, by word of mouth, from one family to another. And, at some church revivals, 10,000 to 20,000 church members would attend, bringing their Bibles, pens and notebooks to study.  Now, in place of the huge revivals across America,  the Church mails free home missionary sermon

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